Image Credit  Abe Khamis 

Image Credit  Abe Khamis 

Love Magazine, LLC is an online periodical dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of healthy relationships. Love Magazine presents courageous, thoughtful, and compelling editorial that empowers others to improve the quality of their relationships and lives. The magazine covers a wide range of relationship topics developed through research, formal education, professional training, and experience.

Love Magazine believes the heart of a meaningful life is illuminated in relationship. Science has established connection as fundamental to an individual’s survival and ability to thrive. The human experience is revealed as we engage with one another not only in love, but also in friendship, work, family, spirituality, and self. In every interaction, an opportunity exists to nurture fulfilling connections or encounter painful or sometimes destructive ones.

At Love Magazine, our mission is to inspire, inform, and support your journey toward healthier personal relationships. Please contact us for a personal consultation.


Anita Martin MSSW is the voice of Love Magazine. She is a relationship consultant, teacher, and speaker. For more than 20 years, she has helped others understand and develop healthier social connections. Ms. Martin began her career working with families and children facing autism spectrum difficulties and behavioral challenges both at home and in academic settings. She partnered with school administration and community organizations across the country to present parenting and training workshops. Furthermore, she trained parents and their children to diffuse conflict by developing effective communication skills and insight into unexpressed needs. In 2010, her personal journey inspired her to obtain a master’s degree in social work with an emphasis on psychology, relationships, attachment, trauma, and self-development. As a counselor and advocate for survivors of intimate partner violence, Ms. Martin shaped and refined her knowledge and expertise. She acquired advanced professional training in child sexual abuse, relational aggression in adolescence, and attachment disorders in trauma treatment. 

Anita’s work challenges conventional thought and inspires readers to consider healthier viewpoints on a range of personal growth and relationship topics. Her mission is to awaken others to achieve self-understanding and a life that reflects individual identity, purpose, and values. In addition to leading Love Magazine, Anita supports domestic violence organizations and works to address international women’s rights issues such as human trafficking, violence against women, and economic empowerment as one sustainable solution. Ms. Martin is also a published writer. Read more of her work here and here.